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Factory of Information Technologies (FIT), Ltd - is our software partner

In our projects we use the software solutions from our partner - Factory of Information Technologies (FIT), Ltd. This company - is leading parking software developer on Russian market. Nowadays FIT parking application is used in 11 biggest Russian cities where city-wide parking projects were implemented. The list of installation is dynamically grows.

Factory of Information Technologies (FIT) intensively improves the capabilities of parking application to meet all possible requirements of customers and prove their leadership every day in every new project.

  1. FIT Ltd. is university based company with 8 years of experience in software development.
  2. The company has an experience in IT-systems implementation in such fields as education, culture and transport.
  3. Based on advanced IT technologies FIT offers smart parking solution that was tested on more than 22000 on-street parking places overall in cities like:
    • Saint-Petersburg,
    • Sochi,
    • Kazan,
    • Ekaterinburg,
    • Belgorod,
    • Kaluga,
    • Tula,
    • Tumen,
    • Tver,
    • Vologda,
    • Kursk.
  4. FIT also has a unique experience not only in providing smart parking solution software but also in service support and management of city parking space.
  5. Nowadays, FIT provides Contact Center & Support Service for more than 3 billon of paid parking users per month.
  6. Innovative software formed the basis of complex information urban parking system including a monitoring and reporting system, payment processing system on-street\off-street via SMS, mobile applications and parking machines network.
  7. Main advantages of smart parking solution:
    • Turnkey project implementation: integrated support from a project launch;
    • Big data: automated data processing with no people involved;
    • E-government: transparency of municipal actions for citizens;
    • Research & analysis of current and historical data based on data mining;
    • Usability: Easy access to IT resources for anyone;
    • Competitive advantage of price: innovative technologies make the project financially effective.
  8. Ultimate Results:
    • Transport Infrastructure Improvements: private parking, public transport efficiency increases;
    • Public Safety: actual database of vehicles movement and parking space across the country;
    • Guided Traffic Flow: average speed grows up to 10%. Reduction of circulating traffic and jams;
    • Usability: city’s income increases due to transparency of payment methods;
    • Fines: speeding fines, parking fines;
    • Parking Payments: substantial Economic growth on account of expert management.
Phone: +7 (495) 787-60-90
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