Parking violations control

The system of penalties and parking violations control

The general principle of the penalty system operation is based on the photo and video fixation of the parked car (panoramic picture and license plate number) followed by geo-referencing via coordinates of the navigation module (GPS/GLONASS). Photo and video fixation is performed at the time intervals multiple of the free parking time (usually 15 minutes). If in the course of the subsequent payment verification the database of the Central Parking Control Center reveals the lack of parking payment on the part of the driver of the specific vehicle, the materials on administrative offence are automatically generated.

The module of integration with the systems for photo and video recording of parking violations included in the software of the Central Parking Control Center, allows to use photo and video fixation complexes of different manufacturers and different designs:

  • Mobile photo and video fixation complexes are designed to be installed on the side of the patrol car, intended to register the vehicles located on the territory of a paid parking lot and to collect source data for the execution and presentation of the materials on the administrative offences related to parking (stopping) violations or unpaid parking.
  • Portable and rugged photo and video fixation complexes are portable mobile devices used by walking inspectors in addition to mobile complexes.
  • Stationary photo and video fixation complexes are the sets of video cameras with the necessary software and hardware support designed for the coverage of the certain fixed zone of paid parking area consisting of several parking lots.
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