Central Parking Control Centre Software

Parking Control Software

The Parking Control Centre operates all parking facilities in the city, interacts with parking equipment, processes all parking payments and provides operational analysis for the administrator.

We offer a solution by Factory of information technologies, ltd www.gorparkovki.ru

The Central Parking Control Center performs:

  • Centralized equipment monitoring.
  • Parking place occupancy monitoring.
  • Parking violation processing and forming decisions of an administrative offence.
  • Bank processing.
  • SMS payment service.
  • Mobile apps payment service.
  • Analysis of payment transactions and parking lot occupancy.
  • City parking web site is an integral part of the software platform. It provides personal accounts for customers,
    parking map and common information about city-wide parking.

E-mail: parkovka@shtrih-m.ru
Phone: +7 (495) 787-60-90
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