PARK-UDS v4 Parking Meter

PARK-UDS v4 Parking Meter

  • Full compliance with the international payment systems requirements.
  • Compact size and specialized operating modes aimed at minimizing electricity consumption.
  • A built-in solar-powered battery for autonomous operation.
  • Connection to industrial power supply networks.
  • Parking meter supports PayPass, PayWave cards, Bank chip cards, Bank magnetic strip cards, Banknotes & Coins.

The energy-effi cient Parking meters are equipped with a vandal-proof high-brightness 7" display and capacitive keypad or 9" touch screen display. This version of parking meter use low power consumption components and can be switched to a «Sleep Mode» to save energy. This parking meter is equipped with solar panels, and can operate without being connected to the power networks.

The parking meters accept payment by:

  • Banknotes & Coins
  • PayPass, PayWave cards
  • Bank chip cards
  • Bank magnetic strip cards
  • Specialized prepaid cards classic (standard) Mifare cards

There is a technical possibility of integration with transport card payment systems to pay for parking, in this case parking payment can be performed through transport e-Wallet.

Parking meters perform the following functions:

  • Registration of the parked vehicle
  • Parking Payment by bank cards and specialized prepaid parking cards or any existing card payment systems based on the Mifare standard cards
  • Payment for parking fines
  • Central monitoring and management system
  • Connection with the Central Parking Control Center via GPRS channels for on-line payments and technical monitoring

Bank terminals certifi ed according to the international security standards PCI and EMV are used when paying by credit cards.

Main body of parking meter are made from stainless steel that increase live period of device.

Bank terminals certified according to the international security standards PCI and EMV are used when paying by credit cards. The software of the parking meters is compatible with the generally accepted processing systems, namely: Compas Bank, OpenWay, SmartVista, UCS, which enables the organization of bank card processing through any Russian or foreign bank.

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