PARK-UDS v3.1 Parking Meter

  • Full compliance with the international payment systems requirements.
  • Compact size and specialized operating modes aimed at minimizing electricity consumption.
  • A built-in solar-powered battery for autonomous operation.
  • Connection to industrial power supply networks.
Control module Industrial single-board computer with the CPU of at least 800 Mhz.
Screen 7” impact-resistant color monitor, 5 mm thick protective glass.
A keyboard for entering a vehicle license plate number and menu navigation a touch keyboard located in the front panel.
Printer allows printing on the 57 mm width thermal paper at the speed of no less than 50 mm per
second, equipped with a roll paper end sensor. The printer can be optionally upgraded to print
two-dimensional bar codes or function as a fiscal registrar.
Bank cards processing module Yarus-K2100\Yarus-P7100\Globalcom BV1000K with PIN keyboard. Operation with Sankyo ICМ-350\Globalcom BV1000R and wireless reader Yarus-Т2100L\Globalcom BV1000CL for contact less cards: Mifare, PayPass and PayWave.
Telecommunications GSM/EDGE modem with the function of SIM-card switch enabling users to switch between 4 different
cards; Ethernet.
Parking meters may be
powered by

Parking meters may be powered by:

  • Solar panels. The battery life in case of insufficient solar energy is at least 7 days at 100 transactions per day. The time for a parking meter to come out of the sleep mode is about 4 seconds.
  • AC-power supply 220 V/50 Hz. Power consumption is less than 15 W (when the battery is fully charged and fan heater is disconnected).

The parking meter is provided with:

  • 30 W solar panel.
  • Uninterruptible power supply.
  • 12 V rechargeable battery, 55 Ah.
  • 12 V additional rechargeable battery, 35 Ah.
  • Automatic breakers, protective cutout device, grounding tire.
  • Watt-hour meter of the consumed energy allowing users to remotely collect current meter readings.
Housing degree of protection IP54 (without slotted holes for bank card reader and printer)*. Stainless steel of
1.5 mm minimum thickness. Coating: anti-graffiti powder paint.
  • Height 1,900 mm (1,620 mm without solar panel, 2,700 mm with light box);
  • Width: 300 mm (300 mm – 480 mm with solar panel depense of modification);
  • Depth: 300 mm (300 mm – 400 mm with solar panel depense of modification).
Weight 130 kg (150 kg, including transportation packaging).
Operation temperatures
  • from – 30˚ to + 55˚C.
  • from – 40˚ to + 55˚C (when mains-supplied, with a fan heater connected).
Phone: +7 (495) 787-60-90
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