Parking payment terminal

Parking payment terminal

The Parking payment terminal is a completely automated device and is used to pay for the parking. The terminal has been designed for outdoor use; it has a sealed case and anti-vandal touch screen. The components that can be damaged, are reliably mounted in a safe inside the terminal.

A street shelter may be supplied in addition to the payment terminal.


  • Receipt of payment for parking and able to give change in banknotes and coins
  • Display of information on the monitor
  • Issuing an official receipt for parking payment
  • Receipt of payment by bankcards
  • Viewing parking card information (number, current balance)
  • Issuing a report with parking card information
  • Video recording of a customer's face (option)


Administrative module Industrial computer, Win 7
Data transfer interface Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
Uninterruptible power supply unit APC Smart-UPS 620
Monitor 17” TFT, touch screen 17” SAW or PC technology
Check printer Yarus--01K I&C complex
Cash acceptor CashCode SMH with stacker for 1,000 bank notes
Banknote dispenser PULOON ECDM-200 with closing cassettes (2 cassettes of 1,000 banknotes)
Cards module Yarus-K2100 bank terminal with PIN keyboard. It is equipped with a Sankyo-ICT-3K7
bank card reader and additional Yarus-Т2100L reader for MIFARE contactless smart
cards, and also PayPass and PayWave.
CMIFARE-card dispense module Asahi-Seiko SCD-2500 card dispenser
  • Coin dispense module
  • Dispatcher loud speaker module (SIP)
  • IP videocamera to record a customer’s face
  • Signalling and keyboard controller
  • Door opening sensor
  • Sliding chassis
  • Safe for cash modules
  • Automatic shutdown device (residual current device)
Operation temperature range, °C from -30 to +50
Dimensions (W x D x H), mm 850 х 521 x 1,912
Weight, kg 300
Mounting Is installed on a concrete foundation or mounted on a sidewalk surface using plate
Phone: +7 (495) 787-60-90
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