Entry / Exit post

The automated entry/exit post is designed for automated control of the access to a paid parking lot using the record-keeping system based on contactless parking smart cards and transport cards, e.g. «Terminal stations of Russia». The automated entry/exit post eliminates human error on the part of the parking lot staff as to the car entry/exit operations. All entry/exit events are promptly registered in the database and the drive post traffic capacity is increased.

The PD1 post may be made in two-level versions, if ordered in advance for controlling the traffic of large vehicles (buses or trucks). The basic versions of the PD1 posts are entry and exit posts.

Entry posts are usually equipped with a module for issuing guest parking cards, as well as a card reader for regular customer cards.

Exit posts are usually equipped with a module for reading guest parking cards, as well as an external reader for regular customer cards.


Light Entry / Exit post

The PD Lite parking post is used to control traffic to office parking lots. The post can work in offline and online modes. It may be connected to any raising barrier, and it works with any MIFARE contactless smart card. PD Lite traffic control post can work both as part of a paid parking lot and independently.

To perform traffic control function in the basic version, it is enough to install this post and connect it to the raising barrier.

The database in the post may be completed both in training mode and master card working mode.


Parking payment terminal

The Parking payment terminal is a completely automated device and is used to pay for the parking. The terminal has been designed for outdoor use; it has a sealed case and anti-vandal touch screen. The components that can be damaged, are reliably mounted in a safe inside the terminal.

A street shelter may be supplied in addition to the payment terminal.


Rising barrier

High speed automatic raising barrier completed with an integrated
control unit.

Arm opening time 0.7-2 s depending on barrier configuration and arm length. To achieve these
characteristics in a raising barrier, a BLDC electric motor is used with a
specially strengthened reducing gear and frequency converter as the
control unit.

The HG-400 raising barrier may be fitted with various types of arms:
tube, profile, polygon (customized).

Specific features:

  • Fast
  • Operating ability in severe environment conditions with the temperatures from -50°C to +70°C
  • Corrosion protection (all mechanical parts are zinc- and chrome-plated)
  • Graduated braking at the end of its movement
  • Reliable anti-vandal protection
  • Long operational life, 100% load intensity (continuous operation capability)


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